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Jesse's Girl

“I wish that I had Jessie's Girl" 🎶


Successful Texas lawyer, Reade Walker, curses that damn song every time it plays, all too aware of the irony of its lyrics. After all, he has been secretly and painfully enamored with Jesse’s girl, Gwen, for nearly a decade. It was love at first sight for him, but sadly she’s not his girl. She belongs to his former best friend and the one man who betrayed him. Yet Reade can’t seem to love anyone except the one woman he can't have. Or can he 'make her mine'?



When Gwen Clark’s senator husband runs off with his intern and all their money, the ensuing scandal turns her life upside down. Deserted, penniless and desperate to provide for her six-year-old daughter, Gwen has no one to turn to but Reade Walker. The one man her heart desperately wants, but her pride dreads having to ask for help. Despite welcoming them into his home, it seems like Reade can barely stand being in the same room with her anymore, let alone under the same roof—in the same bedroom. But Gwen is determined to get her life back on track, and if that means dealing with another one-sided attraction, so be it. It is past time to rediscover her own dreams…if only she can keep her aching heart from breaking all over again.

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- 2020 HOLT Medallion Finalist


- 2020 Book Buyers Best Contest for Published Authors Finalist Romance Novella

- 2020 CRW Beverley Contest Finalist for published authors

- 2018 Orange Rose Novella Winner 

1st Place

- 2018 Cleveland Rocks Romance Winner

1st Place 

- 2018 Unpublished Maggie Awards Finalist

-2018 Golden Rose Finalist


- The Catherine 2018

Toronto Romance Writers Finalist


- Maine Romance Writers 2017 Strut Your Stuff Finalist


- Pages from the Heart 2017 Finalist


Mine to Five ebook.jpg

Now Available

Mine to Five

'Tis the season for an office romance! 🎁

Mine to Five is an award-winning, feel-good, office romance with a dash of humor and spice to put you in the holiday spirit. 

- 2017 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest 

2nd Place Winner

- 2018 CRW Stiletto Contest Finalist

- 2018 TARA Finalist 

- Maine Romance Writers

2018 Strut Your Stuff Finalist

Don't Start Now

What can go wrong being stuck on a cruise ship with your ex and entering into a fake relationship with a sexy coworker? It might not be the Titanic, thank goodness, but Eve Richard’s heart is sinking by the minute and love is definitely going down.


Pulitzer-prize-winning war journalist turned small-town newspaperman, Adam Seager, has given up a lot for his work, country, and family, but not this time. He knows what he wants, and it’s his coworker, Eve. Her smile is the brightest part of his day and a daily reminder that more adventures are yet to come. When they are both assigned a travel feature on board a new cruise ship, it’s the perfect opportunity to let his feelings set sail.


- 2020 Gateway to the Best Contest Finalist

OneMoreKiss_lesson in love.jpg
One More Kiss

Step one: Kiss him again. Just one more kiss.

Step two: Kiss someone else to compare.

Step three: Permanently close the door on Cal Chase.


When English major April Harris kisses her annoying dormmate under the stars, she can’t believe how right it feels. Hot track star Chase is just another player, and she’s not willing to be part of his games. But that second kiss just might change her mind, but first she has to put it to the test. 

Should be easy, right?

- 2021 Heart Awards Winner: YA Romance

- 2022 HOLT Medallion Contest Finalist: Romance Novella 

Blinded Me With Science 

Opposites attract like a magnet to steel, or in this case, Emerson to Steel

Emerson Powers has been so focused on obtaining her science degree that she’s neglected the more social aspects of college life. With the new start of her junior year, she’s determined to fix that with a real hands-on lesson in biology. The assignment is simple enough—teach the rock star’s son how to be good, while he shows her how to be very bad. Two objectives, one outcome … will the lesson be love or heartbreak?

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