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Mine to Five

‘Tis the season for an office romance

Working beyond nine to five and barely getting by, Melanie Thomas is eager to celebrate the impending holiday season and to toast the start of her dream marketing job over drinks with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, he has different plans—like seeing other women. 

Indulging in a pity party with tequila, Melanie confides in a sexy stranger at the bar. It’s almost Christmas. One night of letting go won’t hurt anything, right? Turns out it just might—when the stranger is her new boss. Determined to succeed at her job, Melanie won’t be scared away. This is her chance, even if her hot boss has her feeling all merry and bright and wishing for a less-than-professional relationship.

Matthew Ryans is burned out and on thin ice at the company he helped build unless he gets his head back in the game. Yet his head, both upper and lower, are quickly becoming obsessed with his new assistant. Still, he can’t seem to fully begrudge Melanie’s distracting presence and the Christmas joy she brings with it. Especially considering that her enthusiasm has him reenergized. For once, he is longing for Mondays, but with his heart and job on the line, he can’t risk blurring the lines no matter how strong the lure of holiday mistletoe is.  

Will their holiday passion be able to fuel mutual career success, or will it only get in their way in the New Year?

Indulge in a warm cup of Mine to Five for some delicious sips of romantic comfort with a sprinkle of holiday spice and a dash of humor.


- 2018 Contemporary Romance Writers CRW Stiletto Finalist 


- 2018 Tampa Area Romance Writers TARA Finalist 


- 2018 Maine Romance Writers’ Strut Your Stuff Finalist- 2nd Place Contemporary Winner


- 2017 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest - 2nd Place Winner

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Mine to Five is a delightful little literary romp that will stir up lots of smiles and swoons... this charismatic couple brings some serious heat and humor to the pages! The minute these two wander onto the page you will be drawn to them. Their complementary personalities, witty banter, and undeniable chemistry make them a match made in literary heaven!"

Red's Romance Reviews

Oh my gosh I loved this book! Everything about it. It starts with a cheating a**hole, a drunken one-night stand who turns out to be her boss, and the cutest romance ever! " 


This was one of those “you might like” suggestions from Kindle Unlimited and I’m thankful for the recommendation. At less than two hours this was a quick, sexy, easy to read yet well-written story." 

Rellim Reads

If you want a book that will have you laughing out loud and leave you giggling and smiling like a Cheshire Cat then this is the book for you." 

Amazon Reviewer

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Nothing good can come from another woman answering your guy’s cell phone.

Melanie Thomas came to this epiphany the moment she heard the unfamiliar female voice on the other end of the phone line. She did a double take to make sure she’d selected the correct name from her contact list, but sure enough, clear as day, it read Joe. Her Joe.

He didn't have a sister either and his mom had passed away. That left three likely possibilities. None were pleasant, and all spelled doom for her relationship.

Possibility number one, would go something like, “Hello this is Mrs. Kinnear, please stop calling my husband, you tramp!”

Melanie dismissed the idea as quickly as it surfaced. After almost two years of dating, surely she would have ferreted out a wife by now, right? 

Possibility number two, the mystery woman was a concerned police officer, medic or bystander who would solemnly say, “I am so sorry to be the one to inform you, but there has been a terrible accident. His last request is to see your beautiful face again. Please hurry!”

She really shouldn’t hope for this scenario, but a horrible, selfish part of her preferred it to the last option.

No, sadly, possibility number three was the most probable reason for why another woman was answering her boyfriend’s phone at night. Even her shocked mind registered this option was more like probability number one. Her boyfriend was having an affair, plain and simple, or rather pain and simple.

“Hello?” the feminine voice repeated after Melanie had failed to get her tongue-tied mouth to answer the first time.

From her voice alone Melanie could tell the other woman had to be sexy. Her predatory purr dripped of confidence laced with a tinge of malice. 

Melanie cringed, but she managed to ask over the peach-sized pit lodged in her throat, “Is Joe Kinnear there?” Sucking in her breath, she braced for the unknown woman’s answer.

“Of course, let me wake him up,” taunted the sultry, young voice.

Wake him up? She hunched forward from the invisible sucker punch. Yup, definitely scenario three. He’s cheating!

Staring at the blue glow from her phone, she noticed the call time count. Twenty seconds, that was how long it took to unravel a relationship of twenty months. Cradling the phone in the crook of her neck, Melanie covered her other ear with her palm and tried to block out the noise of the busy club as she waited.

To think, moments earlier she had been eager for the night ahead, especially since Joe had something important to discuss with her. That, paired with the fact that she was celebrating the start of a new job at a major advertising firm tomorrow—a job that would make her career—had Melanie elated as she’d walked through the steel doors of the trendy Manhattan nightclub Surge. Everything in her life had seemed to be aligning for her. The tide had finally been turning, and Melanie was more than ready to have it roll her way. It had all been going as planned, except now it wasn’t.

* * *

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